Friday, October 22, 2010

T5, Joondalup

On my quest to treat myself to lunch everyday and find that perfect cup of coffee I decided to head North. After walking around for a while I found what I was looking for, T5.

T5, is a small little cafe with a very simple and plain set up. I get the feeling they had all the ideas in their head but never quite found how to express it. Messy black strings of mesh hanging from the door way (of which I got caught in) and tables and chairs that to be honest, looked like a dining hall at a University.

So as you may have guessed by now, this wasn't a very good visit for me. But alas I will tell you all about it.

I was greeted by a friendly young lady who took my order of a long black and a veggie burger. I didn't have to wait too long which was a good thing as I started to notice all the things that just upset me about this cafe. The long black was a watery dull coffee that was something I would have made when I was first making coffee.

The problem with Perth is there was such a rush and explosion of coffee lovers which lead to coffee shops and cafes springing up, that a lot of people were just thrown in and given the quick way to make a coffee. And in such missed all the real techniques on how to produce a great if not perfect cup of coffee.

The food came and sadly I couldn't finish it. When I get a veggie burger I get quite excited as most of the patty's are home made with all the spices and little extras to make it a taste journey for your mouth. However this patty was bought from Coles in a air tight 2 pack, something I have in the back of my fridge for one of those days when I don't want to cook.

I rushed out of T5, and my advice to you is if you are going to make the journey to Joondalup or you live close and want a good cup of coffee. Head up to the Shopping Centre and get yourself a Gloria Jeans, I hate to say it, but they produce a better cup of coffee.

One good thing out of all this, was apart from the great friendly staff, there is a bar next door. My next passion... Beer.

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