Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Low Down, Perth CBD

I can't believe I've not posted about this place yet. I mean this place is a gem! I discovered this place earlier this year when I was working close by and happened to be walking down the far end of Cloisters Arcade and there it was a shining beacon of hope in and happiness in a cup LOW DOWN.

The first thing you can appreciate about this place is its small, all they do is coffee, they don't have to worry about making the food perfect (though it is) because their focus is making the perfect cup of coffee every time. And that's what they do. Adam and Mark have come into an area where to be honest there is an abundance of cafe's and coffee shops, but what set's them apart is their talent for making not just a cup of coffee, a perfect cup of coffee every single time.

I make my usual orders of a Long Black and these boys know exactly how to make a real long black and the tastes from the cup are full and vibrant and sweet and perfect in every possible way. I managed to get my co workers onto Low Down as well and they are impressed as well. So much so that when I said I was doing a coffee run my manager poured her cup of coffee from somewhere else down the sink to get another cup fro Low Down.

They do minimal food options, sandwiches, muffins and little cakes, nothing too fancy but it hit's the spot.

If I was to fault anything about Low Down it would be the waiting time for your coffee. Which in fairness isn't their fault, it's just they are too good. But early in the morning and around afternoon tea time you could be waiting anywhere from half an hour for a coffee, but it's all worth it!

Check them out for a perfect cup of coffee, but who am I too say?

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