Friday, October 22, 2010

The Lounge Room, Guildford

Its not easy to stick to a healthy eating plan when the food is so good. That is why I over indulged at The Lounge Room in Guildford.

I have been working a lot of late and when I had a week off I decided I would treat myself to lunch every day. And turned that into a quest to find that perfect cup of coffee along the way. As I had already done a lot of sampling of the delights of the West of Perth I decided I would stick to the East this time which brought me to Guildford.

Guildford is a 'cute' little area full of nick naks and wicked old houses. But right smack bang in the middle of the high street is a gem. The Lounge Room, I actually wasn't paying attention and walked right past it.
It has a nice outside area shaded from the heat of the summer to come and a very simple yet stylish interior that gives a really modern homely feel.

I placed my usual order of the long black (AMAZING) and I also ordered my lunch, stuffed mushrooms and palenta salad. The staff there were super kind and nice, I couldn't fault their service or general friendliness. I decided to sit outside and people watch, a pass time I have mastered. The wait for the coffee was not long at all, and as soon as it hit my lips, I was in.

The coffee The Lounge Room use 5 Senses coffee, which is a great brand I have to admit. But I also think it comes down to the Barista. It was sweet and full of flavour, and HELLO, he knew how to make a proper Long Black. Something not a lot of people for such a simple drink can master in Perth. You could almost pinpoint the flavours with each sip, it's fresh and sweet flavours overwhelmed my taste buds.

Now this is a BIG UP'S for the coffee, I can't say I have had that many cups of coffee in Perth that have made me so happy to drink it. But wait there's more. The food that came not long after was perfect. It was simple, stuffed mushrooms perfectly placed around the plate of a basic mixed salad with a slice of palenta in the middle. I had to stop myself from eating so fast.

I was so happy with my coffee that after I had taken in all I could take from the Lounge Room I got a take away Long Black.

If you live far far away from Guildford, it is worth the trip to The Lounge Room. Everything about it was perfect, even the muffins I bought as I left as well.

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