Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Dancing Goat, Swanbourne

I have a friend that lived around the corner for years of this place and I still had no idea. Nestled in the middle of some offices and a restaurant just across the road from the Swanbourne train station if the Dancing Goat. A friend pointed me in the right direction, so after my morning walk along the beach a quick stop for a quick fix and I was on my way.

I love these tiny little coffee cafe's where they don't have the time to 'faff' over making people's meals nice and tidying the cafe up. The Dancing Goat was a petit cafe where their focus was on the coffee, and a good one at that.

They have a little kitchen where they can create a wrap and some muffins, the kind of food you don't want to wait for. I've since been told their beagles are amazing, try that for yourself.

I had the normal Long Black and the adorable little lady who took my order was super friendly and more than welcoming. As I sat back waiting for my order, she gave the same service to everyone, a very personal touch!

The cafe it's self like I was suggesting earlier is minimal, some pictures here and there, some big open windows to take in the surrounding suburbia. They even have a little deck out the front to take in the paper with your coffee under the sun's rays. A big table in the middle to share with strangers and some reading material. Simple yet comforting.

But let's get to the point, the coffee. It was tasty and even though it was maybe topped up a little too much. But I can't say any more about it. It was just right, the cafe was just right, the entire trip was just right.

But everyone's tastes are different, so try it for yourself.

Keep on keeping on...

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  1. I agree. This is a gem of a place. We drive from Mount Lawley to the Danging Goat for a tatally relaxing low key experience - it is what hospitality is all about - great produce and an honest friendly host.
    The same team have opened a cafe on William St, North Bridge called Little Willys.