Monday, August 30, 2010

Mooba, Wembley

I heard about this place over a year ago and never remembered where to find it. But lo and behold I parked to go to a goodwill store and as I turn around there shined the sign 'Mooba'. Without delay I headed for my fix, though it had only been 20 minutes since my last hit.

I placed my usual order of a 'long black', coffee and hot water, just me and the taste every time.

The cafe was small, it barely fit the three girls working behind the counter (maybe this is the reason). The coffee took about 10 minutes to get I entertained myself taking in the cafe. The three or four tables with chairs. The one random bar stool and the group of people waiting on the stairs that seemed to lead to BankWest, but there was no door.

One thing I love about the long black is you can tell the cafe's that care about their clients welfare. As the drink is so hot some cafe's double cup the drink so as not to scald the hand. I personally find this a major waste of cups and appreciate cafe's that offer the cup. Now I hate to say this but Starbucks got one thing right and that is the 'sleeve'. Not all drinks require the sleeve but it is perfect for the hot long black.

My first sip was the sip I take notice of. It came across weak in coffee taste and a little higher in water taste. You can't taste water, but alas Perth water is terrible you can taste it. The second sip is the sip that defines the rest of the drink. Much like a nice glass of water. The first sip is to prepare the pallet the second opens up with the flavours and tastes. Sadly this coffee lacked on it's second chance to win over my mouth.

It was a watery coffee that lost it's taste after the first couple of mouth full. It was such a boring cup of coffee I was tempted to throw a half drink coffee in the trash like an irregular 'raggy doll'. I didn't however as I craved any hit I could get from it.

Overall, the hype didn't match the experience. The venue looked dated and needed at least another bar stool. The coffee was weak and lacked any resemblance to a 'decent' coffee.

HOWEVER... I have never heard a bad thing about Mooba, so I have decided to attempt another visit. I don't know when, but I do know in this instance the second chance is granted.

Who am I to say these things? I'm no one, I just love coffee and I know when it's good.

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